About Partnerinvest

Denmarks most operational partner for small and medium-sized companies.


It’s all about maximizing your chances for success by organizing growth, while adding the right skills at the right time.

We do what we do because we are good at it. To help smaller businesses move on with their journey is something we are passionate about. It gets us up in the morning and we know how many different skills you need to grow a business through the different phases. It is not easy.

Therefore, we have also allied us with a number of skilled individuals who join with specific competencies and, if necessary, capital. Investments can take many forms, and one is capital. We bring that too, but that is not the essence. The core of our approach with you, is that we, together with your team, have the right skills to lift your company further. In addition, if there is a need for capital, it will be something we can offer in different ways.

Partnerinvest consists of a competent team with more than 10+ years of experience within investing, advising and executing in smaller companies. Additionally, we have a variety of business owners and freelance consultants that want to make success for others – in a new way by being part of the team.

We are working within different industries. Everything from healthcare and online tax-refunds to artists, gaming and the coaching industry. Our approach is based on being hands-on with a strategic setup. We do not aim to be industry experts – that is your job. We add the skills that you do not have. And together we grow.


Peter Gloggengiehser Knudsen

Peter Gloggengiehser Knudsen

Hardworking. Analytic. Honest.

Peter is a structured and proactive person who has the holistic overview of the company. Experiences include hands-on management of international sales teams, achieving +30m (DKK) in growth. He has a great focus on combining his master degree in business with being practical. It has been proven by working operational in several startups, as well as a great track record in the SME segment. Peter also speaks Japanese, and he has been invited as a speaker at e.g. Huddersfield University, Southern Danish University and Copenhagen Business School.

Christian Toldam

Christian Toldam

Holistic. Executive. Modern.

Christian has a strong analytical approach that creates the necessary insight into the timeliness and development potential of a company's portfolio. From positions as Marketing Director, Department Director, and Chief Executive Officer, Christian has a profound understanding and ability to create the right motivation among the employee group, with a unique view for talent. He prefers to be part of the organization and create results through a hands-on approach and being part of the daily operations.




Danish / German marketing expert who thrives in an interdisciplinary context and understands complex problems. Born communicator and facilitator and able to identify customers' specific digital needs. Sven is focused on ensuring the best results possible. He has been involved in disciplines such as business development, B2B marketing, online marketing, business analysis and marketing materials / content. Sven both speaks and writes fluent Danish and German.

Maximize your chances for success.

Growth must be organized with the best competences and a tested approach.

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