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Why partner up?

Growth is difficult. There are many different challenges and it is impossible to solve all. Let us join your team and work with you. Growth is a discipline like logistics and HR. You are the best at what you are doing but managing growth is not easy. If you do this by random efforts, the ‘tower’ you are building can tilt.

We bring a operational approach. We use it to see the context of the company and to structure the next growth phase. We will be the leading party of creating structure based on what is working for you. A structure that has been proven in accelerating over 100 other companies. But we do not just create structure and leave you. We ensure that it is implemented as a platform that continuously creates success for all employees. That is the key to growth. We will stick around. With such a platform you have the potential to keep building and reach broader with your ideas and your products.

Growth Potential

Our primary partners are established companies. They have approx. between 4 and 50 employees and are aiming for the next growth-stage. At each stage, there is a need for different competences.

This is where we join. We work in most industries.

Investments or operational 'consultant'

We mainly partner with companies where we see a future partner possibility.

A partnership can be through investments, or as an external consultant with our operational approach. We are a long-term strategic partner that helps you develop by working together, not only advising. 

A method to sharpen the sales process is to be ‘on the floor’ and understand the reality that the company is meeting. This is done only by being operational while having a toolbox for organizing and structuring the process.

Creating structure during the sales phase is about overview and understanding.

  • ‘Products on the shelf’ must be defined. What is the main values the company provides how is it communicated?
  • Next, the sales channels need to be identified. Here, the products need to be selected and connected to the correct platform.

As a result, the company – both internally and externally – will much easier be able to communicate their core capabilities. It makes the employees proud, and it helps bring the passion to the team. In addition, it also guides customers to understand how easy and simple it really is.

You can rarely be good at creating the framework for growth AND being a day-to-day operational team player at the same time. Therefore, we help with the first part, and leave the operation to the skilled employees afterwards. But only when it all works.

When you grow to e.g. 20 employees, you have done really well. But you also have to acknowledge that it is not exactly the same competencies that lead one to develop the company even further.

Each level of growth demands different skills – be it IT, HR, LEAN, or sales skills.

Common is that you make a choice:

  • Will you accept business stagnation?
  • Would you prefer to take it back to an appropriate number of employees again?
  • Or do you want to continue development?

We join when you choose development and where the owner is aware that the company cannot develop without access to different and new skills. You have to keep doing what you are good at. We offer to build on and ensure that the company maintains a healthy development where employees and customers continue to thrive.

Many companies today are incredibly good, solid companies, run by passionate owners with excellent employees.

However, when time comes for an Exit or succession, it is not always transparent what the company actually delivers and what creates the true value.

As an example, we go in and support with

  • Making the company value offering transparent
  • Creating an overview of the market and customer base
  • Facilitating processes into system
  • Setting up the valuation perspective realistically

We know exactly what buyers are looking for and what counts. When we support making the company ready for exit, it does not have to mean big changes in the everyday line of business. The best process is a smooth and long-term – preferably up to 1 year – process that just as quietly gets the company in position for the best possible price and the best delivery.

Our 3-step working approach

Understanding: Before partnering up, we go through a tested framework. We learn from you and align expectations. Understanding of Growth potential is established.

Partner Potential: Together we run a test-period. We bring resources without requiring anything else from you than long term intensions – and trust.

Strategic Partner: Together we will evaluate how to best possible elevate your company further. If we create success, let’s continue. 

The 3 key ingredients

A tested hands-on
approach to growth

Network of specialists to join
part-time or invest in you

Access to funding


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Growth must be organized with the best competences and a tested approach. 

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